Tour 2014


A camera obscura project by Jonny Vekemans & HET VERVOLG / COALFACE

The ‘industrial heritage = gold’ tour is a promotional campaign that ignites the awareness around

the importance of the European industrial heritage. At every stop of the European tour, the audience

adds to the photography collection. The golden container, itself a symbol of the globalisation of

economy and society, contains the message of the people, who pass on their own collective heritage

of labour and human knowhow to other regions. Europe will continue to grow in appreciation of its

cultural heritage.


The ‘industrial heritage = gold’ tour will visit the following locations in 2014:


Sokolov, Czech Republic, 19 - 21 June


Eisenerz, Austria, 21 – 24 August


Zwickau, Germany, 29 – 31 August


Oelsnitz, Germany, 19 – 21 September


Bydgoszsc, Poland, 23 – 29 September


Genk, Belgium, 14 – 16 October

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