A camera obscura project by Jonny Vekemans & HET VERVOLG / COALFACE


This website is a tribute to industrial and artistic authenticity. The Belgian photographer Jonny

Vekemans and the organisation Het Vervolg / COALFACE have formed a partnership to raise

awareness about the power of industrial heritage.


Het Vervolg / COALFACE redesigned and refurbished a 40 FT sea container into a moving gallery.


Jonny Vekemans is a mineworker who became a photographer after his coalmine closed. He has an

intense commitment to the beauty and power of the heritage of the heavy industry.


In a joint tour through Europe, many people are being reached, not only as visitors of the gallery,

but also as participants in workshops. They learn how to become a camera obscura photographer.


Camera obscura is not only the oldest way to take pictures, and therefore a piece of industrial

heritage in itself. It is also the way to start looking at reality around us again ‘with fresh eyes’. The

artist has only one shot. So it is good to think before you act ! Feels like a lesson in life...


The INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE IS GOLD TOUR is the first project produced in CONTAINER001.

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